Buildasoil Barley straw mulch


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1 Cubic Foot of straw doesn’t weigh much but will easily mulch 6-12 plants depending on the depth of mulch and the size of the container. The straw is compressed when baled and we do not fluff it up before packaging. So 1 bag will hold more than you think.

Approximate measurements:
2 Gallon Bag – Good for 1-3 plants
1/2 Cubic Foot Bag – Good for 5-10 Plants
1 Cubic Foot Bag – Good for 6-12 Plants
20 lb Box (Fluffed) – This is a 30x18x18 box is uncompressed barley straw from our compressed bales.
35 lb Box – This is a 30x18x18 box that we stuff full of compressed barley straw.

The weight of the boxes may vary, but we will always get them as full as possible!

Free Bonus – This barley straw will have seeds in it still and you will have volunteer “Living Barley Mulch” in your containers. This living barley will move moisture around in your soil container and provide additional root exudates to feed the microlife. 

If you have been waiting to mulch until you get a round to it…. Well that day is today.

Add a box of Barley Straw to your shopping cart and take your garden to the next level.




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