DBmixPro Herbal Extract Liquidizer-50ml


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This product contains no nicotine or tobacco. Void where prohibited.  Must be over 18 years of age to purchase.  Not intended for illegal use.  Directions included.  Not available for sale to minors.
DB Mix Pro has previously only been available to large medical dispensaries, and other industry retailers. We have decided to share our love and passion with the world. Our formula has been designed over the course of several years. Only the highest  grade liquids were used, making our product far superior to anything out there.  Zero separation, foul taste, or smell.  Perfect for public use, and designed by two chemical engineers.  This is the perfect formula to achieve a specific task.  It allows you to enjoy your favorite herbal extract or concentrate from your e-device.  We have seen mixed batches not separate even after 10 months of just sitting in a tank.  Popped on a battery and enjoyed!
This contains PEG and PG based chemicals that are USDA FOOD MEDICAL GRADE.  The highest quality ingredients are used, period.  Other mixes use mostly PG, which is fairly cheap.  We utilized multiple levels of PEG’s to form the perfect viscosity.  This can be used to make a liquid that can be added to your e juice you make yourself.  DB Mix Pro can also be used to make oral drops or even a tincture you add to your favorite drinks and food.  Our formula ONLY contains the highest level graded chemicals, USP FOOD GRADE.
Instructions For Safe Use:
 No experience is necessary.  Successful results are simple, but safety precautions should always be implemented when working with this substance.  Common laboratory practices should be taken.  Use safety goggles, wear protective clothing to protect from hot liquid.  Never leave unattended on the heat source.  Be sure to turn your heat source off when done.
Take your favorite herbal supplement (in any form) and mix with DB Mix Pro liquid, (we recommend 2 parts DB Mix Pro, to 1 part herbal extract) in a heat resistant container.  A glass mixing jar is included with our starter kit.
Avoid using heat above 160°, as not to damage your product.  Make sure NO WATER enters the equation at any time, it will cause your solution to not bond. 
You will notice it to start to break down in the liquid.  Continue to mix thoroughly until your product is completely absorbed into DB Mix Pro.  
Remove from heat and strain if necessary.  Let cool and enjoy!  
     When using with dry product you can complete the process by using the liquid you made, and then repeating with more dry product to make a more concentrated version of liquid.  It is advisable to use the smallest amounts of DB Mix Pro as possible.  Large amounts of the liquid may have undesirable characteristics, but will not affect how it comes out.  DB Mix Pro liquid has very strong solvent capability without the hazards or toxicity that other products represent.  This product is to be used in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.  This is intended for use by adults over the age of 18 years old.

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