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Humboldt County’s Own is the nutrient producer that based central Humboldt County. It started its history in a small ranch in the redwood forests of Northern California almost 25 years ago.  Today it is a big business with an outstanding reputation. 

Emerald Triangle in central Humboldt County is a world fount for hydroponics equipment and growth products.


Humboldt County’s Own

Humboldt County’s Own Logo

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Crystal Burst 5 gal, Crystal Burst Qt, Deep Breath 5 gal, Deep Breath Qt, Deep Fusion Bloom 5 gal, Deep Fusion Bloom Qt, Deep Fusion Grow 5 gal, Deep Fusion Grow Qt, Deep Fusion Micro 5 gal, Deep Fusion Micro Qt, G10 2.5 gallon, G10 5 Gal, G10 Qt, Killer Tea 2.5 Gal, Killer Tea 5 Gal, Magnum 5 gal, Magnum Qt, Purple Maxx 5 Gal, Purple Maxx Gal, Purple Maxx Qt, Snow Storm Ultra 5 gal, Snow Storm Ultra Qt, Sonic Bloom 1lb, Sonic Bloom 5lb, Starter Kit


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