Microbe Life Vitamins & Amino Acids


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Vitamins and Amino Acids provides a blend of all of the essential vitamins and amino acids required by many fruits and vegetables which may not be present in your current nutrient program. Most of the commercial nutrients sold today only contain a few of the more than 70+ nutrients that plants require. Vitamins will help your plants flourish as long as you know what you are giving them and why. Amino Acids – the true building blocks of all proteins – are also required by plants throughout all stages of growth and are helpful when plants are under stress. Amino Acids act as chelating molecules of essential nutrients during all stages of plant development. Microbe Life Hydroponics Vitamins and Amino Acids will have no effect on pH, water hardness or alkalinity. It is compatible with all fertilizer programs. Always adjust your basin water’s pH separately. If you use ion exchange resins or carbon filtration, important trace minerals will be removed. Microbe Life Hydroponics Vitamins and Amino Acids contains no he

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