Mother Earth Premium BioChar


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Pre-Charging Now Available!

Let us innoculate this incredible microbial housing for you! We mix the Biochar with Mother Earth Premium Worm Castings and bubble it away in a microbial tea. Adding about 15% Charged Biochar will  ensure your Living Soil has an established colony of every important species of aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, and fungi.
Mother Earth® BioChar is a fast and easy way to boost the performance of new soil and can improve the effectiveness of compost teas and mycorrhizal products. BioChar and its use in amending soil is an age old technique that has been around for over a thousand years. After forest fires occur the surrounding vegetative growth is tremendously more robust then areas that were not affected by the fires. The fire creates rich deposits of carbon in the soil and this increases soil fertility and encourages microbial activity, this is the effect that BioChar is used to recreate.


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1 cu ft Pre-Charged, 1 cu ft Sealed


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