Pre-Made No Till Living Soil


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Just Add Water This full-spectrum living soil provides all the nutrients and biology needed to get through the plant’s entire life cycle without a single bottle or additive.   Consider a Sub-Irrigated Planter if you want an even more hands-off growing experience.

Buy It Once, Use it Forever You can re-use “No-Till” soil perpetually, although we recommend lightly re-amending between harvests for best results. 

It’s Alive! – This soil is the perfect home for beneficial fungi and bacteria. Among other benefits, these help feed your plant, improve flavors, and promote overall good plant health. 

Useful information

To protect soil biology, we highly recommend using Reverse Osmosis or a hose filter to remove chlorine and chloramines from your water.

Keep it wet! Microbes need moisture to thrive. We recommend covering the topsoil in straw, rice hulls, or even plastic to preserve moisture.

Consider charging the soil with a humic acid product such as Ful-Pow and a balanced microbial tea such as OGTEA V.S.S. This will improve nutrient uptake and fill in beneficial microbes that are not yet established.

Consider regularly innoculating. Microbe Life makes excellent products that can boost the right species needed for each stage of growth. Their Root Dip, Nourish L, Yield Enhancer, and Photosynthesis Plus all work great with this soil.

To effectively reuse this soil, grow in a 10 gallon container or larger. 


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10 gal w/o Container, 12 cu ft premixed, 16 cu ft premixed, 6 cu ft premixed, 8 cu ft premixed, Premium Blend in 10 gal. Smart Pot, Premium Blend in 15 gal. Smart Pot


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