Rosomatic Pneumatic Rosin Press (13000psi) – Dual Heat


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Rosin, solventless oil, is made by putting plant material under heat and pressure. At Best Value Vacs, we’ve mastered the art of Rosin and our presses are the best in the industry. Our Rosin Presses use precision, feedback-control heating and plates are designed for ideal heat transfer to your medium. After manufacturing and testing of each unit to the highest quality control standards, we offer a satisfaction guarantee and 90-day warranty so you can press with confidence!

Ready to go pro? Our Rosomatic line pairs professional strength with a fully automatic operation. Just connect an air compressor, and then you’re ready to make Rosin with the press of a button! A fully-adjustable digital timer provides complete control of your extraction for superior batch consistency. Overbuilt, this durable air ram will keep you pressing all day long. Don’t be fooled by clever marketing- our Rosomatic line presses produce the same pressure as our competitors at a better price!

 Please note an air compressor is required to operate this unit. We recommend any standard air compressor 90 – 150psi.

Heating Plate Size 8″ x 6″ Aluminum
Press Mechanism Pneumatic Air Ram
Includes Air hose and adapter
Maximum Pressure Approx. 7200lbs
Max. Plate Gap Approx. 2.95 inches
Temperature Range 0 – 415F (0 – 212C)
Digital Timer 0 – 999s
Electrical Characteristics 120v/60Hz, 1200w, 10A
International Models 220v available
Warranty Registered 90-Day
User Manual Included
Requirements Air compressor required


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