Standard Closed Column Extractor


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Key Features and Description:

  • Closed Column Pressure Extractor (Comes with 1 yr. Limited warranty, excludes gaskets and screens)
  • This system allows the user to build up solvent pressure by closing the valve, pulling a vacuum and filling the extractor, Extractor will fill about 85% with solvent before the internal pressure will equal the pressure of the can propellant.
  • The solvent can will fit into either port with a tip adapter supplied with some butane cans, tip adapter required, not included
  • Solvent Soak is expected to be between 30-90 min, but this all depends on material, starting with frozen cans of solvent is recommended
  • This system allows the user to soak the material before opening the bottom valve to release the solvent and oil.

What’s Included:

Optional Upgrades:

  • Compound Gauge – Allows the User to see vacuum and pressure on the column when operating
  • Shower Head – Top Cap has a round shower head on the bottom of it to allow for better dispersion of Solvent
  • Sight Glass – 1/4″ Inline Sight Glass Allows you to see the flow of butane in the Closed Column Extractor

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