Sub-Irrigated (SIP) Planter Bed


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Water your plants from the bottom! Our Sub-Irrigated Planter Beds are perfect for No-Till organic soil. Conserve water, nutrients, and your precious soil biology by giving your plants and soil constant access to water. The reservoir also gives you much more flexibility in your grow. Just fill your reservoir and you can go away for a long weekend stress-free!



Framed Fabric Planter

Black Flood Tray

1.5 cu ft of Growstone Lift



Place your flood tray on the ground.

Fill the tray with Growstone, leaving a gap in the the middle of the tray. This gap is the crucial wicking point, which is where the soil is constantly saturated and pulls water to the rest of the planter. 

Place your Frame Fabric Planter on the tray, being careful not to disturb your Growstone piles. 

Add your soil to the Planter, again being careful not to disturb your Growstone piles. 

Fill the reservoir with fresh dechlorinated water. We recommend using anaerobic bacterial supplements such as Photosynthesis Plus in your reservoir to prevent algae and pathogens. 

Add water to the reservoir 1-3 times a week, as needed. 

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2'x4' w/ 8 cu ft pre-mixed, 2'x4' w/o soil, 3'x3' w/ 9 cu ft pre-mixed, 3'x3' w/o soil, 4'x4' w/ 16 cu ft pre-mixed, 4'x4' w/ 16 cu ft pre-mixed (extra capacity flood, 4'x4' w/o soil


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